South Surrey, BC 604-720-0967

To ensure your pet's safety....


Must be current and completed ten days prior to arrival.

FVRCP - within 3 years
Feline leukemia is optional
Rabies - for outdoor cats
or current titre levels

Flea Treatment

All cats must have vet approved flea treatment prior to boarding. Should you overlook this we will treat your cat with Advantage and include the cost in your invoice.

Veterinary Care

In the unlikely event that your cat should require the services of a vet, we will attempt to contact your vet first but will take whatever steps necessary to protect the health of your pet. All veterinary costs will be added to your invoice as well as a $30.00 (per visit) fee.

Other Requirements

All pets over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered.

All pets must arrive and depart in a pet carrier.

Please provide your cats regular food to prevent any upset in their routine.


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